Malerei auf dem Grat - Trailer, 2016




Malerei auf dem Grat - Film, 2016

Alois Lichtsteiner in interview with the art lover Christian Cuénoud, auctioneer and galerist Kuno Fischer and Heinz Stahlhut, curator of the museum of Art Lucerne, february 2016.

Made for the exhibition Malerei auf dem Grat - an exhibition over four decades in cooperation with the art lover Christian Cuénoud, Gallery Fischer Lucerne, 02/26 - 04/01/2016.




Crépuscule" of Alois Lichtsteiner/Manuel Schüpfer, 2011

Video installation "Crépuscule" (48 min.), that was showed during the exhibition Weisse Nacht, akku Emmenbrücke, 08/27 - 10/30/2011.

The video [...] captures the atmospheric qualities of a sunset. In doing so, the camera is pointed at a cliff face and records the visual changes in real time until night falls and darkness shrouds everything. A relationship of scale cannot be discerned due to the static way the shot is framed, and the passage of time is perceived only through visual changes. And yet this perception manifests itself through the view of the unchanging cliff face. The mind falls into a trance-like state and begins to see things that turn out to be mere figments of the imagination. The video is conceived as a loop, and once darkness has enveloped the screen, it is played back in reverse. Natalia Huser, 2011.




AL1979.121, (content of vessels), Burned earth, 50 x 40 x 22 cm, 2-parts